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  Pete Nelson
At the age of 10, I received a two line stunt kite as a present, which I really enjoyed flying, but did not try another kite till I was 36 when I visited the 1999 Sunderland kite festival and bought a two line stunt kite. This inspired me to join my local kite club and started to fly mainly two line tricks and began kite buggying.
I bought my first Revolution kite in 2000 to improve my four line flying, and I have grown to love flying Revs. Since Fusion started in 2009 I now only fly Revolution kites.

  Chris Beel The first kite I remember flying was one I helped make with my mum and dad that must have been back in the late 60’s. Next real memory was a Peter Powell stunt kite. Fast forward to about 1999 and the family went to the Washington Kite Festival, that really wetted the imagination. We must have picked some information up about a small festival at Preston Park, there I saw someone flying a kite with long tails and I was hooked. Thanks Sammy. It was a David Davies Sky Dancer, who needs a Rev when you can dance around the sky? I resisted moving to the darkside for about 10 years, but as we now know resistance is futile, my first Rev was purchased in late 2009 and I must say the learning curve was steep but the friendship and big grins when things just go right make it all worthwhile.

  Pete Sturrs I joined North East Kite Fliers in 1992 and was further able to explore making, collecting and flying kites with some wonderfully knowledgable people in some great places. Having enjoyed flying single and two line kites, including the amazing European Air Gallery, I  bought my first Rev in 1996. It wasn't until 2009 that I started to fly as part of a team. Thanks to the humour, company and perseverance of the rest of Fusion I am still relishing that great pleasure. One of my kite flying dreams was to fly as part of a four line team--Dreams do come true!
  Jason Wilson
I started flying kites at the age of 12 with my dad, Vince. For many years we flew power kites and enjoyed kite buggying. I joined North East Kite Fliers a couple of years later and was introduced to many types of kite flying. I was given my first rev on my 16th birthday but didn't really get hooked on revs untill early 2010. I was soon asked to join Fusion and have never looked back. I enjoy team flying and travelling to different kiting events.
  Vince Wilson
My childhood memories are of flying unusual kites such as a rotor plane and
polystyrene kites. I always wanted a Peter Powell but it never happened. I came back to kites with my son Jason. We learned and flew power kites together and took up kite buggying. 
I joined our local kite club (NEKF) and quickly got into many different forms of kite flying and kite building. I was able to acquire a large collection of single, two, three and four line kites. It would be hard to think of life without kites now. My best friends are from the world of kites.  Quad line kites were always a favourite and we played about with revs. This became more and more a feature. The rev family were welcoming and helped us develop skills and realise our dream of flying as a team and giving pleasure to others through our performances.




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